One of the first things you’ll notice as you make contact with Strohm Ballweg and our employees is a very different attitude, personality, and culture. We advance the theory that to be good at what you do, you must enjoy what you do. We work very hard to provide opportunities to our employees to keep them challenged, but also offer a number of events and activities to get everyone involved and enjoy their work. Our culture is defined best by the Firm’s Shared Values, which include: Quality, Integrity, Teamwork, Personal Growth, Service to Clients, Ownership and Accountability, and Fulfillment. In some ways, Fulfillment is the culmination of all the other shared values, defined as: A culture of mutual support, opportunity, satisfaction, excitement, and pride so employees are engaged, motivated, enthusiastic, and enjoy their careers.

As a Firm of approximately 25 employees, we know each other very well. We have created an environment where professional and technical development expectations are mixed with a relaxed atmosphere, ongoing learning opportunities, creative social gatherings, and a solid foundation of teamwork. The culture of enjoying what we do just can’t happen without the participation of every employee. We expect it from every employee and we enjoy the culture that results from it.