• Insurance Insights - November 2016 Edition

    Money Market Mutual Funds (All Companies) Because of regulations recently adopted by the SEC, the money market mutual funds (MMMF's) on the Class 1 List can no longer report stable net asset value.  Given this change, these funds are no longer eligible for bond treatment under SSAP No. 26, effective September 30, 2016.  Going forward these funds will be valued in accordance with SSAP No. 30 governing common stocks and reported on Schedule DA. As a result, the Class 1 MMMF category... View Full Article

  • Insurance Insights - February 2016

    Update on Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure In prior Insurance Insights, we have discussed upcoming filing requirements under the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Act. The timing of this disclosure filing requirement as adopted by the NAIC was June 1, 2016. Very few states have adopted this Model Act and related disclosure requirement in 2015, and many states expect adoption in either 2016 or 2017. Depending on how each state’s regulatory process works, the first d... View Full Article

  • Insurance Insights - December 2015 Edition

    Late Changes to 2015 Annual Statement Notes Following are some late changes to the 2015 Annual Statement Notes that will be included in this year’s filing:  Note 4 – Note was expanded to include more information about discontinued operations.  Note 10 – Added new sections to disclose information on insurance and non-insurance SCA entities. Note 21 – Revised to disclose unusual or infrequent items in section A instead of section C and added a new section G to disclose... View Full Article