Most of our new staff accountants are hired through the internship process at various Universities. We offer an excellent internship opportunity as interns are scheduled on engagements just like new staff accountants. This allows for each intern to experience both audit and corporate tax assignments. You will be assigned to 8-10 engagements during your internship, each lasting about a week, along with other assignments to fill out your internship experience. The engagements include working directly with clients in their offices and does require some out-of-town travel with the engagement team. As an intern, you will always be part of an engagement team and will be supervised closely to maximize your learning and development.

The internships are full-time positions and are paid at a rate similar to a new staff accountant. Internships begin in early January and typically run through mid-April to early May, depending on our needs and the University’s schedule (sorry – no summer or part-time internships are available). Interns that perform well during their internship are typically offered a full-time position after graduation. As you interview for an internship, be sure to ask our previous interns about their experiences with us. Interns tell us they really appreciate our internship because we offer a broad "real life" experience that helps students make important decisions about their future, such as whether to pursue audit or tax specialties.