Strohm Ballweg, LLP, formed in 1999, was a spin-off of the national insurance practice of a large national audit firm. The Firm began with nine employees (2 Partners) and 40 insurance clients.

The purpose of starting Strohm Ballweg was to create an organization focused solely on providing insurance clients with exceptional and personal client service with experienced staff, knowledgeable about the insurance industry. By serving ONLY the insurance industry, we are keenly aware of the needs of our clients and have reacted by expanding our services beyond audit, consulting, and tax to investment accounting, quarterly and annual statement compilations, insurance insolvency assistance, and becoming the outsourced finance department for a handful of insurers. This intense focus also allows us to develop beneficial relationships with others that serve the insurance industry – regulators, investment advisers, attorneys, actuaries, and third-party administrators.

Today, the Firm has grown to 25 employees (4 Partners) and approximately 100 insurance clients, serving those clients in 13 states. By staying true to our commitment to providing exceptional client service, we continue to grow our client base and employee count with very limited marketing activity. We strive to be the best servers, not the best sellers. We focus on what we know – and what we do well – insurance.