Accounting For Insurance Companies

Strohm Ballweg provides excellent accounting services to insurance companies throughout the United States.Strohm Ballweg knows insurance and accounting for insurance companies. The roots of our insurance industry practice go back to 1999. Since then, the breadth and depth of the practice has expanded extensively. Strohm Ballweg is located in Madison, Wisconsin and we provide audit services, tax services and advisory services for insurance companies. Businesses evolve and grow. It’s important to choose a CPA firm like Strohm Ballweg that has evolved and is specialized in your industry. Choosing a CPA firm that is acutely aware of your industry’s operating and accounting challenges increases efficiencies and proactive solutions for your insurance company. Our CPAs provide clients with a multi-disciplinary team that has previously faced and solved issues similar to those of your company. Strohm Ballweg offers our clients unsurpassed service for their captive insurance companies, including analysis, tax planning and preparation and audit services. Our team consists of individuals with hands-on experience in providing auditing and tax services to a wide variety of insurance clients, including captives, mutual and risk retention groups.

Insurance comes in a variety of forms. It’s time to enlist the assistance of Strohm Ballweg’s insurance and regulatory insurance CPAs. Insurers and other risk management entities continue to face unique and complex risk management issues in today’s challenging economic environment. The insurance industry is unique and many insurance entities are subject to a complex set of accounting principles. Strohm Ballweg’s insurance professionals are familiar with these requirements and familiar with the application of statutory accounting principles as well as the application of generally accepted accounting principles. Our familiarity ensures efficiencies and effectiveness for your company.

Strohm Ballweg is committed to providing excellent accounting services to insurance companies through participation in the following programs:

  • AFA - American Finance Association
  • ISAA - Insurance Accounting and Systems Association
  • NAIC - National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • NAMIC - National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • NOLHGA - National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations

Strohm Ballweg is also committed to specialized insurance industry training for employees to keep on top of industry developments. Every year, Strohm Ballweg team member education is supplemented with seminars and insurance industry conferences.

With regulations shifting faster than ever, successful insurance organizations need a strategic approach to make the most of an evolving business climate. Strohm Ballweg is ready to help you develop such a strategy. We pride ourselves on being the "right-size” accounting firm, structured to charge less for experience that others can’t match. Our best and most knowledgeable accountants are on the front lines every day with clients, not locked away in offices. Strohm Ballweg partners are your partners.

Our experienced insurance and reinsurance professionals can take care of any tax need. Because we know your business, Strohm Ballweg can also help find ways to improve process, hone strategy, ensure regulatory compliance and increase your bottom line.

As a result of committed focus and our wealth of experience, we have developed several focused areas of services within our insurance practice. Strohm Ballweg has an exceptional ability to provide quality expertise and workmanship in serving captive insurance companies. Contact us and put the uniquely qualified Strohm Ballweg team of accounting professionals to work for your insurance company.