Accounting Internships

With an accounting internship at Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Wisconsin, you will experience continuous learning.Having an accounting internship at Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Wisconsin offers challenges to be unique, better, different and to stand out. Strohm Ballweg is always looking for outstanding new college interns. Our internship program is for college students interested in pursuing public accounting and the CPA certification. We constantly strive for excellence to provide exceptional service to our clients, creating a culture at Strohm Ballweg that allows each intern and employee to develop to their full potential. The Strohm Ballweg difference is defined by key personal attributes, a set of shared values and an attained skill set of our staff. It’s accomplished through the dedicated effort of each employee and college intern working in concert as a team.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you make contact with Strohm Ballweg and our team is a very different attitude, personality and culture. We advance the theory that to be good at what you do, you must enjoy what you do. We work very hard to provide opportunities to our interns and to keep them challenged. The culture at Strohm Ballweg is best defined by our shared values, which include: quality, integrity, teamwork, personal growth, service to clients, accountability and fulfillment. Strohm Ballweg has created an environment where professional and technical development expectations are mixed with a relaxing atmosphere, ongoing learning opportunities and a solid foundation of teamwork.

With an accounting internship at Strohm Ballweg, you will experience an environment of continous learning. You will be exposed to continuous on-the-job training, supervised by experienced staff on the various assigned engagements in which you participate.

The internship program at Strohm Ballweg allows students to experience:

  • Audit Engagements
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Networking and Client Interaction
  • Unique Culture
  • The Strohm Ballweg Difference

Strohm Ballweg offers accounting internships every Spring Semester. They are full-time positions and are paid at a rate similar to a new staff accountant. Internships begin in early January and typically run through mid-April or early May, depending on our needs and our interns’ college schedule. Summer internships may also be available.

Interns at Strohm Ballweg are scheduled on engagements just like new staff accountants. The engagements include working directly with clients in their offices or remotely from our office and these internships require some out-of-town travel with the engagement team. At the start of a Strohm Ballweg internship, interns can expect a few days of onboarding and then directed training on specific audit sections that they will be working on. As an intern, you will always be part of the engagement team and you will be responsible for your own work with as much assistance as needed to maximize your learning and development. All interns at Strohm Ballweg learn directly from experienced staff and partners.

A majority of our new staff accountants at Strohm Ballweg are hired through our college internship program. It is our intention to offer a full time position if the internship goes well and the individual shows that they embrace the Strohm Ballweg difference. No experience in public accounting or the insurance industry is necessary as we will teach you what you need to know.

Strohm Ballweg, LLP was formed in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin.Initially, the firm was a spin-off of the national insurance practice of a large national audit firm. Strohm Ballweg was created to focus solely on providing insurance clients with exceptional and personal service with an experienced staff, knowledgeable about the insurance industry. The partners of Strohm Ballweg, located in Madison, Wisconsin, bring over 100 years of experience to the insurance industry.

If you are a college student who wants a challenging and rewarding accounting internship, contact Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Wisconsin. It will be one of the best decisions that you make.