Audit Internship

With an audit internship at Strohm Ballweg in Madison, WI, you will experience an environment of continuous learning.With an audit internship at Strohm Ballweg, you will experience an environment of continual learning. You will be exposed to continuous on-the-job training, supervised by experienced staff on the various assigned engagements in which you participate. Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Wisconsin offers college audit internships every Spring Semester. They are full-time positions and are paid at a rate similar to a new staff accountant. Internships begin in early January and typically run through mid-April or early May, depending on our needs and our interns’ college schedule. Summer internships may also be available.

Strohm Ballweg was formed in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin. Strohm Ballweg was created to focus solely on providing insurance clients with exceptional and personal service with an experienced staff, knowledgeable about the insurance industry. The partners of Strohm Ballweg bring over 100 years of experience to the insurance industry.

Audit interns at Strohm Ballweg develop strong working relationships with our clients, built on an understanding of their insurance businesses and challenges. Interns work on multiple team engagements. Working in a mutually respectful team environment helps our associates and interns perform at their best.

Audit internship responsibilities at Strohm Ballweg include:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs and expectations, their business and industry
  • Developing an understanding of the Strohm Ballweg audit approach
  • Assisting in completing scheduled audit projects and special consulting projects
  • Assisting in interviewing individuals in various financial and operational positions regarding day-to-day duties and controls
  • Assisting in follow up reviews of prior audit reports
  • Assessing risks and evaluating clients’ internal control structures
  • Possessing and display excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrating ability to handle confidential matters and information
  • Recommending process and policy improvements
  • Following up to ensure that approved recommendations are implemented
  • Keeping work area organized and clean
  • Working additional hours when necessary to meet client expectations
  • Assisting in any additional responsibilities as directed by management
  • Performing other duties as assigned

Strohm Ballweg prefers audit intern candidates with courses in business, economics, accounting, auditing, finance, information systems or computer science. Excellent computer skills and knowledge of hardware and software are required with proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.

Strohm Ballweg has become one of the best and most trusted insurance company accounting firms in the United States for insurance accounting,

Strohm Ballweg helps clients in 13 states improve their insurance business performance. Strohm Ballweg provides in-depth insurance auditing for insurance companies.By serving only the insurance industry, we’re keenly aware of the needs of our clients and we have expanded our services beyond consulting, auditing and accounting. Our intense focus allows us to develop beneficial relationships with others that serve the insurance industry: regulators, investment advisors, attorneys, actuaries and third-party administrators. Our goal is to be the leader in premium audit insurance services. We support our insurance company clients with a diverse choice of solutions in order that they can achieve their goals, becoming more efficient, improving their performance and enhancing their competitive position.

Strohm Ballweg has developed our services to meet the demands of a dynamic customer base. We focus on quality and efficiency to deliver the very best services to our clients. We offer services beyond the audit. We provide expert consulting services to our clients in order to improve their internal operations. Strohm Ballweg invests in leading-edge technology, significant process improvements, and leadership and performance development for our team members.

If you are a college student who wants a challenging and rewarding auditing internship, contact Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Wisconsin. It will be one of the best decisions that you make.