• Testimony

    "The size of the firm paired with our staff’s expertise in the insurance industry offers a multitude of opportunities for all SB employees, even at entry level positions. Having these opportunities so early in my career have been both challenging and rewarding."
    —  Kyle Kagerbauer, Manager
  • Testimony

    "With experience from another public accounting firm, I am continually amazed with the effort SB leadership puts in to maintain our work life balance and support for personal growth. At SB, we believe exceptional client service is provided when our employees are happy and proud of what we are doing. The family like environment offers plenty of opportunities to staff and creates a sense of belonging in the workplace. I am glad to be a part of this big family!"
    —  Kelsi Hau, Manager
  • Testimony

    "I enjoy the work and more importantly, the people that I work with.  During busy season, we spend a lot of our time working closely together in teams to accomplish our tasks and meet client deadlines.  In our off-season, we have more flexible hours and often use some of that time to hang-out as a group and do volunteer work from time to time.  My favorite thing about the culture at SB is the incredible support system that we have to enable each of us to grow and succeed on both a professional and personal level.  At SB, we are challenged and we are rewarded."
    —  Mario Prcic, Manager
  • Testimony

    "I have worked other places, including another public accounting firm, and Strohm Ballweg has, by far, the best work atmosphere.  We are continually encouraged to contribute ideas to make it a better place to work and to provide the best quality service to our clients."
    —  Erin Dawson, Director
  • Testimony

    "The workplace environment at SB allows for flexibility in work schedule, has a family like atmosphere, and challenges employees to grow into larger roles within the organization.  Further, overall staff turnover is minimal compared to the CPA industry norm as a result of initiatives put in place by the leadership group."
    —  Derek Salzwedel, Partner (former Intern)

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Remarkable people choose to grow their careers with us. Why? Because we invest deeply in them and their career. Our people are happy and fulfilled in their careers - their lives are balanced.

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