Insurance Annual & Qtly. Statement Filing Assistance

Strohm Ballweg provides excellent annua and quaterly statement filing assistance to out insurance industry clients.
When it comes to proper insurance company annual and quarterly statement filing assistance, you need an insurance accounting firm that is knowledgeable about the ongoing changes within the insurance industry. The partners at Strohm Ballweg, located in Madison, Wisconsin, bring over 100 years of experience to the insurance industry. The annual report, the more detailed of the two reports, provides extensive overview of the company’s business practices and finances. The quarterly report must provide a less detailed snapshot of a company’s finances for an interim period within the fiscal year. As a regulated industry, insurance companies must comply with a myriad of regulatory requirements. Strohm Ballweg is fully versed in these requirements and can assist with those filings related to the finance function of your company.
Quarterly and annual statement filings are a regulatory requirement for all insurance companies. Failure to file these statements accurately and timely can jeopardize your company’s ability to continue to sell insurance. Strohm Ballweg can assist you in the preparation of your quarterly and annual statements in conformity with statutory accounting practices permitted by the insurance department in your state. The authoritative accounting literature applicable to life insurance companies is extensive and can be very complicated. All insurance companies are required to prepare financial statements in accordance with Statutory Accounting Principals (SAP).
Strohm Ballweg prepares annual and quarterly statements (P&C, life, health, fraternal and LSHO), along with risk-based capital and other supplemental filings, and we file these statements with state insurance departments and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) on the company’s behalf. Strohm Ballweg also provides assistance with regulatory reporting issues for clients that file their own statements and filings. We perform these services for clients filing in many states, so we are aware of state specific requirements.
Strohm Ballweg is committed to providing excellent accounting services to the insurance industry, through participation in the following programs:
AFA- American Fraternal Association
IASA- Insurance Accounting and Systems Association
NAIC- National Association of Insurance Commissioners
NAMIC- National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
NOLHGA- National Organization of Life and Health Insurance
Guaranty Associations
The roots of Strohm Ballweg’s insurance industry practice go back to 1999. Principles that serve as the foundation of Strohm Ballweg are as follow:
• Constant evaluation of our processes and performance
• Delivery of the final product in a timely manner
• Effective communication, both with our clients and within our firm
• Exceptional teamwork
• Maximizing efficiency through management of the processes and staff
• Providing services that not only meet but exceed your expectations
• Use of the most current technology available in the accounting industry
It is important to choose a CPA firm like Strohm Ballweg that has evolved and is specialized in the insurance industry. Strohm Ballweg has become one of the best and most trusted insurance company accounting firms in the United States for insurance accounting.
With our knowledge of the regulatory environment, Strohm Ballweg can help you successfully respond to regulatory questions or concerns about annual and quarterly statement filing assistance.