Insurance Regulatory Filing Assistance

Strohm Ballweg provides deep knowledge and practical insight into regulatory filing matters for the insurance industry.As a regulated industry, insurance companies must comply with a myriad of regulatory requirements. Strohm Ballweg is fully versed in these requirements and can assist with those filings related to the finance function of your insurance company. We will work with you to ensure that all of your company filings are completed accurately, timely and in accordance with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). We were formed in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin. Initially, Strohm Ballweg was a spin-off of the national practice of a large national audit firm. The idea was to create a firm focused solely on providing insurance clients with exceptional and personal service with an experienced staff, knowledgeable about the insurance industry. Strohm Ballweg serves only the insurance industry. We serve insurance companies that value relationships built on trust, longevity and mutual respect. In return, we give our clients honest hard work, insurance expertise and deliver a product that makes us very proud. Our team at Strohm Ballweg understands the insurance industry and is passionate about our work.
Strohm Ballweg provides deep knowledge and practical insight into regulatory filing matters. With the increasing complexity of regulations and continued convergence of issues, we offer direct access to an experienced team of regulatory and compliance specialists. Our professionals will work closely with you to help develop a clear and implementable strategy to meet current and future regulatory challenges. We are currently ranked 8th in the nation for auditing insurance entities. That makes our primary competition some of the largest accounting firms in the country. However, we see it as a matter of principle to be different than these large firms. We strive to do better in everything we do. Our CPAs and consultants are on the cutting edge of changes that are occurring within the insurance industry. We are committed to being proactive advisors, which allows our clients to take full advantage of those changes.
Quarterly and annual statement filings are a regulatory requirement for all insurance companies. Failure to file these statements accurately and timely can jeopardize your company’s ability to continue to sell insurance. Strohm Ballweg can assist you in the preparation of your quarterly and annual statements in conformity with statutory accounting practices permitted by the insurance department in your state. The authoritative accounting literature applicable to life insurance companies is extensive and can be very complicated. All insurance companies are required to prepare financial statements in accordance with Statutory Accounting Principles (SAP).
Strohm Ballweg offers a full range of regulatory services including:
• Contracted actuarial services
• Financial examinations
• Investment analysis
• Market conduct examinations
• Solvency analysis
• Special projects
The regulatory filing specialists at Strohm Ballweg have a depth of insurance experience and technical excellence that is unparalleled. These services are delivered with a commitment to service, flexibility and professionalism. Our firm actively monitors National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) activities, statutory accounting trends, laws and regulations and other factors impacting regulators. We have experience in compliance issues not normally found in a traditional CPA firm. Our team professionals help our clients navigate the regulatory environment.
Strohm Ballweg serves the insurance industry unlike any other public accounting firm. Our fundamental beliefs are, and always will be, to truly make a difference and give our clients the best service possible. Come encounter "The SB Difference.” It will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.