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  • 2022 Summer Interns

    We welcome our summer interns Dayne Acker and Clayton Carlson, both from UW-Whitewater!  We also welcome Hannah Caygill (UW-La Crosse) back as a part-time staff for the summer and starting full-time in the fall! We can’t wait to show them what SB is all about. Welcome Dayne, Clayton and Hannah!   View Full Article

  • 2022 Spring Interns

    Busy season is officially in full swing and with that comes a couple of new faces! We have Meghan O’Connell and Trevor Kliebenstein joining us from UW-La Crosse for our Spring Internship Program. It’s only their 2nd week and they’re rocking it already! We can’t wait to show them what SB is all about!   View Full Article

  • Welcome Evan & Aimee!

    A few more “new” faces have joined Strohm Ballweg this fall!  Evan Oppermann, who has interned with us for the past couple of years and is a recent graduate of Edgewood College, has transitioned to a full time Staff Accountant.  Aimee Kent also recently came on board as a Senior Accountant to assist with compilation engagements and quarterly filings.  Welcome to you both... View Full Article

  • Strohm Ballweg welcomes John R. Vose!

    Strohm Ballweg welcomes John R. Vose! John joined us mid-September as an Underwriting Manager and has more than 35 years of personal and commercial insurance experience.  His insurance background includes vast knowledge of underwriting, sales, marketing, training and product development, from both the insurer and agency perspectives. We couldn’t be happier to have him join our team! ... View Full Article

  • September 2021 Promotions

    Strohm Ballweg is excited to announce two well-deserved promotions!  Ashley Mathis, CPA and Hannah Langworthy, CPA have been promoted to Senior Accountants.  Please join us in congratulating them both on this amazing achievement!   Ashley Mathis, CPA     Hannah Langworthy, CPA   View Full Article

  • Welcome Jacob & Hannah!

    This week we have the pleasure of welcoming two interns to Strohm Ballweg for the summer!  Jacob Frey (UW-Whitewater) and Hannah Caygill (UW-LaCrosse) are joining the team and we can’t wait to give them the full firm experience now that we’re back in the office!   View Full Article

  • Welcome Back Evan!

    We want to wish a warm welcome back to Evan Oppermann from Edgewood College! Evan joined us last year as a part-time intern and came back to join us for a full-time internship this year. We are happy to have Evan back on the SB team and look forward to his contributions this busy season.   View Full Article

  • 2021 Partner Announcement

    Strohm Ballweg is pleased to announce that Derek A. Salzwedel became a partner in our firm on January 1, 2021.  Derek is a CPA with more than 11 years of experience in public accounting, specializing in serving insurance entities.  Congratulations, Derek!   View Full Article

  • Welcome Brian!

    Brian joined us in September as an Underwriting Technician. We couldn’t be happier to have him join our team!   View Full Article

  • September 2020 Promotions

    Strohm Ballweg is thrilled to announce that three individuals have received well-deserved promotions!  Mario Prcic, CPA has been promoted to Supervisor, Marissa Cook has been promoted to Senior Accountant, and Tiffany Celmer has been promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant.  Please help us in congratulating them on this exciting achievement!   Mario Prcic, CPA Superviso... View Full Article

  • Welcome Brayden & Courtney!

    As most of our staff has now resumed working in the office, we are excited to introduce some new faces!  We have welcomed two summer interns to our group and we're excited to show them what a real Strohm Ballweg summer is all about.  Brayden Johnson attends UW-LaCrosse, while Courtney Jentz studies at UW-Whitewater.  We are thankful to be able to provide this opportunity for lea... View Full Article

  • Payton Wright & Evan Oppermann

    Busy season is officially in full swing and with that comes a couple of new faces! Rejoining us this year is Payton Wright from UW-LaCrosse. Payton was an intern with SB in Spring 2018 and is joining us full-time now that she has graduated! Also joining us is Evan Oppermann from Edgewood College. Evan will be working for us part-time while he continues attending classes. Welcome to the SB team! ... View Full Article

  • Welcome Ashley & Hannah!

    Welcome Ashley Mathis & Hannah Langworthy! Two of our former interns have recently joined us as full-time employees and we couldn't be happier to have them back as part of the team.               View Full Article

  • September 2019 Promotions

    We’re excited to announce three individuals who have received well-deserved promotions this year at Strohm Ballweg!  Kyle Kagerbauer and Pui Sze (Kelsi) Hau have been promoted to Supervisor, and Jacob Salzmann has been promoted to Manager.  Thank-you for your dedicated service to our clients and the firm!   Kyle Kagerbauer, CPA Supervisor     Pu... View Full Article

  • 2019 Intern

    Strohm Ballweg welcomes Ashley Mathis!  Ashley is joining us from Edgewood College as our 2019 intern.  We are already keeping her busy and are excited to have her as part of the SB team!    View Full Article

  • January 2019 Promotion!

    A new year brings a new promotion!  Congratulations to Andrew Hicks, CPA who was promoted to Manager.  Andrew is an awesome leader here at the firm and we thank him for all he has done for Strohm Ballweg over the past 6 years! View Full Article

  • October 2018 Hire

    Strohm Ballweg is excited to announce the addition of staff accountant, Shari Kassube.  Welcome Shari, we're so glad to have you join us! View Full Article

  • September 2018 Promotions

    As we transition from summer to fall here at Strohm Ballweg, we have two exciting promotions to announce!  Matt Hasenbein has been promoted to Supervisor, and Mario Prcic has been promoted to Senior Accountant.  Congratulations to you both, and a huge thank-you for all you have contributed to the firm!     View Full Article

  • Welcome back, Mike!

    Mike Henke, CPA has returned to Strohm Ballweg as a manager and we are excited to have him as part of the SB team.  Welcome back, Mike!   View Full Article

  • September 2019 Hire

    After spending this past spring as an intern at Strohm Ballweg, LLP, Hannah Langworthy has accepted a Staff Accountant position and will be joining us September 2019.  Welcome Hannah! View Full Article