Insurance Company Formation

Strohm Ballweg provides consulting services on the regulatory and financial issues involved with creating a new insurance company. Bylaws, corporate structure, regulatory filings, investment and accounting policies, and reinsurance structure are just a few of the areas we can assist you with. Our experience with start-up situations means that we have worked with many other professionals that may need to be involved, including attorneys, actuaries, reinsurance brokers, and investment managers that will understand the unique needs of your insurance company. We can assist you through the entire process and help identify any other resources that may be needed.


Many of the start-up companies we have worked with over the years have also chosen Strohm Ballweg as a permanent outsourced solution for accounting and financial reporting services. This solution provides them with an experienced accounting team, available on an as-needed basis, without the overhead associated with full-time employees and the cost and effort involved in hiring, training, and turnover.


If you are contemplating the formation of a new insurance company, give us a call to discuss how we might be able to help in the process.