Top Audit Firms

Strohm Ballweg in Madison, Milwaukee provides in-depth auditing for insurance companies in the United States.Strohm Ballweg provides in-depth insurance auditing for insurance companies. Our goal is to be the leader in premium audit insurance services. Strohm Ballweg has become one of the best and most trusted accounting and consulting firms in the United States. Ranked by A.M. Best as one of the top insurance industry audit firms, our dedicated team members at Strohm Ballweg constantly monitor new industry developments to deliver cutting-edge programs and industry best practices. Accounting and audit firm Strohm Ballweg, LLP was formed in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin. Initially, the firm was a spin-off of the national insurance practice of a large national audit firm. Strohm Ballweg was created to focus solely on providing insurance clients with exceptional and personal service with an experienced staff, knowledgeable about the insurance industry. The partners of Strohm Ballweg, located in Madison, Wisconsin, bring over 100 years of experience to the insurance industry. Strohm Ballweg helps clients in thirteen states improve their insurance business performance.

At Strohm Ballweg, we know that accounting, audit and assurance services must go beyond the mere delivery of a report. When insurance companies partner with Strohm Ballweg, we work with them to provide high-quality financial statements and audits.

As one of the region’s top audit firms, our audit services encompass more than assessing risk and applying audit procedures. Our services allow our clients to fully understand where their business has been so that they can better direct where it is headed. When our insurance company clients work with the audit teams at Strohm Ballweg, they can expect proactive, responsive and expert professionals who understand their business needs.

Strohm Ballweg clients confirm that it is our service philosophy that sets us apart from other public accounting firms:

  • Proactive communication, responsiveness and accessibility
  • Risk-based audit approach
  • Extensive executive involvement
  • Exceptional value through a practical approach
  • All firm resources available for each engagement

A Strohm Ballweg audit provides the highest level of assurance to our clients and their stakeholders that their financial statements are presented in accordance with general accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We customize our audit approach for our clients, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, our understanding of their operations and years of experience conducting audits across the United States.

Here are some questions that insurance companies need to keep in mind when choosing a top audit firm:

  • Does the audit team have experience in the insurance industry?
  • Does the firm have relationships in your business areas of interest?
  • Will there be insightful and two-way communication throughout the engagement without any surprises in the final reporting?
  • Can you easily meet with your accounting firm or schedule a conference call?
  • What is the staff to partner ratio? The higher the ratio, the less partner involvement you will see.
  • Does the firm have the depth of resources to meet your deadlines?
  • How will the auditing team use its professional judgement to reach the conclusion that your company is in compliance with accounting standards, while presenting it objectively and not misstating information?

As one of America’s top audit firms, Strohm Ballweg understands that auditing is a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we pledge to handle all the details so that our clients don’t have to worry. We conduct thorough audits of our clients businesses and then present our findings in a clear and concise fashion. Accounting and auditing is an ongoing process and we stay involved with our clients year-round to deliver the best possible service and provide our clients with added value above and beyond the numbers. Our personalized approach emphasizes detailed planning to reduce or eliminate surprises, while at the same time maximizing efficiency.

Strohm Ballweg approaches each audit with an emphasis on early planning and work towards understanding how our clients’ insurance companies function. This allows us to identify key audit components and tailor our audit procedures to the unique characteristics of their business. The results of our audits provide us with information that enables our teams to generate insightful, constructive suggestions that can result in improved operations as well as operating and accounting procedures and controls.

Strohm Ballweg recognizes that clients expect more than just management letter recommendations after an audit. Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide value-added suggestions that help our clients achieve financial and operational success. Strohm Ballweg is proud to be one of America’s top audit firms.